The Rosinbud® M1 is the world's first instant essential oil/rosin extractor and infusion device. In just 5 minutes, you can extract and infuse your favourite herb into your favourite food. Gone are the days where harsh solvents and hours of waiting are required to enjoy nature's bounty. Make the switch, and time travel with the Rosinbud® M1 — the revolution is here.

The pen-and-pod system for oil. Control temperature, flavour and potency, with four different temperature settings. The Era pod utilizes a single 2mm silica wick. Unlike other cartridges that only use single-ended wicks, both ends of the Era pod wick are submerged, allowing for improved wick saturation and performance across a full range of oil viscosities. Era features PAX proprietary algorithm-controlled heating to deliver consistent flavour for a wide variety of material.

Experience Heir Waterpipe, the modern re-invention of the traditional glass waterpipe. Load, light, and clean easier, while enjoying the supreme build quality and smooth smoking performance of a truly modern waterpipe.

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