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Pink Kush Strain Review

Indica-dominant Pink Kush is widely renowned for its perceived ability to provide a sense of calm and physical relaxation. The strain goes by a string of nicknames, including Pick Candy, Pink OG, and Pink Cadillac. Pink Kush remains an immensely popular hybrid, especially in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Genetics The experts at Barney’s […]

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Glass Accessories 101: Bongs

Also known as “bubblers,” “moofs,” or simply “water pipes,” bongs are almost synonymous with cannabis consumption and one of the most practical ways to smoke marijuana flower. Glass bongs use water to cool smoke and filter out some of the harmful carcinogens. Most bongs are designed for use with dry herb, but some bongs come […]

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Cannabis Beverages 101

Ever since recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada, consumers and brands have been searching for new and innovative ways of consuming it. From gummies to vape cartridges, there are now dozens of ways to enjoy a kick of THC or a soothing dose of CBD, without necessarily smoking. Cannabis-infused beverages are a relatively new addition […]

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Strain Types & Effects


Provides a euphoric, uplifting effect that is appropriate for daytime use.


Provides a relaxing and sedative effect that is best suited for nighttime use.


Provide a balance of indica and sativa effects.

CBD Rich

A high-CBD strain that promotes well-being with minimal euphoric effects.
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