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Costa Canna™ is the premier provider of high-quality cannabis on Southern Vancouver Island. We offer the highest quality, lab-tested medicinal and recreational cannabis and are committed to excellence and social responsibility in all our endeavors. Our team of experts is comprised of industry leaders, staff, and partners devoted to the research, development, and advancement of medical and recreational cannabis. Our objectives include contributing to community outreach programs, job creation, knowledge transfer, and ethical industry standards. We come from a province with a storied legacy of cannabis cultivation and we are proud to contribute to the new age of cannabis in Canada by unleashing the healing properties of cannabis in a variety of premium products that will impact quality of life and health.

Costa Canna Saanich cannabis retail shop is located at 4 - 4144 Wilkinson Road, Victoria, BC
Costa Canna Colwood cannabis retail shop is located at 310 Wale Road Suite 202, Victoria, BC
Costa Canna Cowichan Commons cannabis retail shop is located at 10-2951 Green Road, Duncan, BC
Costa Canna Duncan Village cannabis retail shop is located at 1A-180 Central Road, Duncan, BC
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