Costa Canna Opens New Dispensary In Duncan Village

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January 1, 2021

Costa Canna is on a mission to provide Vancouver Island with the most convenient way to shop for high-quality legal cannabis. To achieve this mission, we've recently expanded our retail locations to the Duncan Village area, giving local customers easier access to Costa Canna's exceptional collection of lab-tested flowers, edibles, and so much more.

So, while running errands in Duncan Village, why not add a stop at Costa Canna to your itinerary? Whether you're a cannabis pro or just getting started, the friendly staff at Costa Canna in Duncan Village will help you choose the right product for your needs. Check out Costa Canna's Duncan Village shop to explore the wide range of exceptional THC and CBD offerings in our menu.

Discover Costa Canna's Duncan Village Dispensary Menu

Costa Canna takes great care to only partner with cannabis brands that meet incredibly high standards for purity, quality control, and lab testing procedures. Similar to our other retail locations, customers won't find any subpar cannabis goods in Costa Canna's Duncan Village location. Indeed, you can rest assured every item in Costa Canna Duncan Village meets the standards for recreational cannabis products put forward by Health Canada. We also guarantee you'll get a third-party lab report with the cannabis you purchase at Costa Canna Duncan Village so you can verify the quality and potency of your buds.

Although the specific offerings at Costa Canna's locations are constantly changing, our shelves are always well-stocked with a diverse array of THC and CBD-rich items. From flowers and vape carts to edibles and topicals, you'll be hard-pressed not to find something that interests you in Costa Canna Duncan Village.

Please check out the latest products and brands in our online menu for the latest details on what we have in stock. If you have a specific cannabis item in mind, feel free to ask one of our sales reps at Costa Canna Duncan Village for personalized assistance. You could also contact Costa Canna Duncan Village via email or by calling (778) 422-0420 during regular business hours.

Use Costa Canna's "Click and Collect" For Convenient & Near-Contactless Shopping

Costa Canna also offers a near-contactless "Click and Collect" feature for those who'd prefer to quickly pay and pick up their products. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can order from Costa Canna's Duncan Village online menu and "collect" your products after paying for them. So, if you already know what you want and don't want to spend time browsing our offerings in-store, please take advantage of this "Click and Collect" feature to get your products pre-packaged and ready for payment.

Check Out Costa Canna's Duncan Village Dispensary Today!

Whenever you're in the Duncan Village area, feel free to stop by Costa Canna's new location when you need exceptional THC or CBD products. You could also visit Costa Canna's website for more details on our other locations, contact information, and our latest menu offerings.

You'll find Costa Canna Duncan Village at the following address:

Costa Canna

1A-180 Central Road

Duncan, BC V9L 4X3

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