Costa Canna’s Colwood Dispensary is Now Open

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January 16, 2021

Cannabis fans in Colwood now have high-quality buds within reach thanks to Costa Canna’s new dispensary. Located a stone’s throw from the Hatley Castle and Elements Casino Victoria, this new legal dispensary gives Colwood residents access to premier lab-verified THC and CBD products, all of which meet Health Canada’s standards for recreational marijuana.

Whether you’re in Colwood for a trip or running errands in local stores, consider checking out the new Costa Canna dispensary if you’re in the market for spectacular cannabis goods. The expert sales reps at Costa Canna Colwood are happy to review our latest offerings and find the perfect product for your needs. For the best cannabis shopping experience on Vancouver Island, be sure to plan a trip to Costa Canna Colwood.

An Unparalleled Cannabis Catalog: Explore Costa Canna Colwood’s Menu

At Costa Canna, second-rate cannabis isn’t good enough for our Colwood customers. At all of our locations, we only stock our shelves with top-tier THC and CBD products from respected brands like Aurora, dosist, and Simply Bare, to name a few. Although the specific items in our stores are constantly rotating, we guarantee our products meet superb standards for purity and come with third-party lab test results.

In addition to cannabis flowers, customers will find plenty of vape carts, edibles, and topicals in Costa Canna’s Colwood address. Other categories frequently in Costa Canna stores include beverages, concentrates, and oils. For an updated list of the latest products at Costa Canna Colwood, be sure to visit our official website and click the “Menu” tab to review the available product categories. You could also contact Costa Canna Colwood’s staff online or by calling (250) 590-2420 during regular business hours if you have specific requests or questions.

Need Cannabis Quick? Use Costa Canna Colwood’s “Click and Collect” Feature

To simplify your cannabis shopping experience, Costa Canna in Colwood also offers a near-contactless “Click and Collect” option. All you need to do is visit Costa Canna’s website, choose “Colwood” under the “Menu” tab, and add available products to your e-cart. Once you’re finished, submit your order, visit Costa Canna in Colwood, and pay for your items.

So, if you already have an idea of what you want — and you don’t want to browse for items in-store — consider using “Click and Collect” for a seamless payment experience.

Connect With Costa Canna in Colwood!

Now that Costa Canna is in Colwood, many Victoria Island residents have easy access to exceptional THC and CBD goods. No matter your prior experience with cannabis, the staff at Costa Canna Colwood is happy to help you sort through our latest offerings and choose the right strain for your tolerance level level and intended effects. As a bonus, you can add a trip to Costa Canna while shopping or exploring some of the tourist hotspots in the Colwood and nearby Victoria area.

The official address for Costa Canna in Colwood is as follows:

Costa Canna

310 Wale Rd Suite 202

Victoria, BC V9B 0J8

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