Costa Canna continues its push to become British Columbia's premier legal cannabis retailer with a new location in Saanich. Just a 15-minute drive outside Downtown Victoria, the new Costa Canna shop in Saanich carries a vast array of cannabis products and equipment for customers with varying interests and skill levels. Whether you're an experienced smoker looking for THC concentrates or a total beginner interested in low-intensity CBD oils, the staff at Costa Canna's Saanich location can help steer you in the right direction to find the optimal item.

So, whenever you're in the greater Victoria area, please don't forget to drop in at Costa Canna's new Saanich shop for an exceptional range of flowers, edibles, extracts — and so much more!

Search Through Costa Canna's Stellar Saanich Cannabis Selection

Costa Canna goes to great lengths to verify every cannabis product in our portfolio meets the highest standards for purity. We promise all the items in our shop are Health Canada-approved and come with transparent third-party lab reports. We always want customers who leave Costa Canna Saanich to have a sub-par experience, and our team takes great pride in ensuring everyone finds exactly what they want.

Although the items on Costa Canna's menu are constantly changing, we strive to keep our shelves well-stocked with a diverse assortment of THC and CBD items from the best brands in the cannabis industry. In addition to flowers, vape carts, and pre-rolls, Costa Canna frequently has a large assortment of gummies, concentrates, and topicals. If you want detailed information on the latest products at Costa Canna Saanich, visit our website and view the most recent menu items, or call our friendly staff during business hours at (778) 433-0420. Costa Canna also responds to email inquiries on this official Contact Us page.

Save Time With "Click and Collect" at Costa Canna Saanich Dispensary

Costa Canna recognizes not every customer wants to spend time browsing items and waiting in lines at our Saanich retail location. For people who already know what they want, there is a near-contactless way to order your goods on Costa Canna through the "Click and Collect" feature. To use this option, visit Costa Canna's website and select "Saanich" under the "Menus" tab. From here, you can add as many cannabis products to your cart and submit them for an in-store pickup. When you're ready, drive to Costa Canna in Saanich to pay and pick up your goods. Be sure to take advantage of Costa Canna's "Click and Collect" whenever you need your fave flowers fast.

Stop in and See Costa Canna in Saanich

Costa Canna's Saanich location is the perfect option for adults looking for high-quality recreational cannabis in the greater Victoria area. Not far from Panama Flats Park — and just a short drive outside of the heart of Victoria — it's extremely convenient to get to our new Saanich address. Whether you're in the greater Victoria area for business, pleasure, or just running errands, it's easy to squeeze in a stop at Costa Canna's Saanich store.

You'll find Costa Canna in Saanich at the following address:

Costa Canna

4 - 4144 Wilkinson Road

Victoria, BC V8Z 5A7

"Hey Costa Family! I bought the OS KLIK Durban Distillate last night and needed to share how amazing it is! It’s my favourite concentrate I’ve tried by far. It tastes amazing, super smooth and the fact that it’s so easy to dab with is a huge plus. I like that I can easily dose the distillate so I’m not wasting any product. The taste is peppery and woody. I can’t place what type of wood but it’s not pine. Awesome for daytime use. Super energetic. It’s also a great price for what you get. All the way around an excellent product. 10/10"

At this time regulations stipulate cannabis retailers may not sell non-cannabis items.

Online sales are exclusively government-operated. The province of B.C. currently only allows Click-and-Collect (order online, pick up in store) for private cannabis retailers.

Chocolate blend from Belgium and Ghana. High quality, all-natural ingredients supplied by global cocoa producer Barry Callebaut. Formulated with a mild indica sativa blend, each balanced square contains 10 mg of THC and 10mg of CBD.

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