If you’ve ever smoked a joint, then you already know what a pre-roll is. Indeed, pre-rolls are simply pre-packaged marijuana joints. Customers who buy pre-rolls don’t have to worry about grinding buds, lining paper, and rolling a joint. With pre-rolls, all of that tedious work is already taken care of, which means you could enjoy a refreshing smoke on-demand.

Considering how convenient pre-rolls are, it’s no surprise they’ve become increasingly common in the marijuana industry. There are, however, a few things customers should consider before they buy a pre-rolled joint.

What Goes Into A Weed Pre-Roll? – Trim vs. Shake

Right out of the gate, we should mention that most pre-rolls don’t contain premium-grade nugs. The majority of companies that put out pre-rolls rely heavily on trichome-rich shake rather than ground marijuana buds.

For those who aren’t aware, shake refers to plant materials that “shake off” of cannabis nugs while they’re in storage. Even though shake isn’t the result of hand grinding, it’s usually full of potent cannabinoids and terpenes. Since shake is still perfectly smokable, many manufacturers like to repurpose it in pre-rolls to avoid unnecessary waste.

Please note: there is a significant difference between shake and trim. Unlike shake, trim refers to any cannabis leaves with some traces of trichomes (e.g., sugar leaves). While good trim isn’t entirely useless, it often has a diminished trichome count versus shake.

Convenience Over Quality? – Are Pre-Rolls As Good As DIY Joints?

Unsurprisingly, many cannabis purists claim pre-rolls can never match the quality of a hand-rolled joint. Since most marijuana pre-rolls contain shake or trim, critics sometimes claim they’re the equivalent of “cannabis fast food”—cheap and convenient, but low-quality.

However, the reality of this situation is a bit more complicated. Like any other product, pre-rolls are only as good as the company that’s producing them. While there are some cheaply made pre-rolls on the market, there are also plenty of fantastic pre-rolls with superb shake.

As with any other product, you have to research your company’s reputation to make an informed decision. You could also slice into one “sacrificial” pre-roll to examine whether the manufacturer uses high-quality shake or a bunch of worthless stems.

Should You Buy Pre-Rolled Joints?

Pre-rolls are ideal for new cannabis users looking for a simple way to test recreational or medical strains. Since pre-rolls are so user-friendly, they’re an easy way for cannabis newbies to “test the waters.”

But even if you’re a pro at rolling joints, cannabis pre-rolls have a lot to offer. For instance, if you want a hassle-free way to sneak a smoke into your day, then pre-rolls might be the way to go. Plus, marijuana pre-rolls are a fantastic addition to any ganja-themed party setting.

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